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Scrap metal purchase prices Spain. Cash for scrap metal Barcelona city. We buy the following metals: ferrous scrap, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, lead and others. We are the scrap metal management in Barcelona lider in price and service. In Chatarrerías Barcelona, in addition to the commonly purchased articles by the sector ferric metals and no ferric, iron, paper, cardboard, aluminium, copper milberry, lead, stainless steel, metal, brass, cable, calderín of copper, calamina, tin, zinc, etc….. In general, to measure that we go growing and adapting us, want to innovar when going buying, paulatinamente, articles that for the time being only collect in determinate circles, like clothes used, plastics, shoes. Prices of the metal - Prices of the paper and carton. Entrust your leftover materials and unusable items, clippings or scraps, to recycling, contributing to the maintenance and promotion of the conservation of the environment in a clean and direct way. Metal recovery is a sector in permanent change due to the interactivity between supply and demand. Prices vary from day to day due to the influence of international markets and the professional must take these changes into account to offer the client the best opportunity. Junkyards Barcelona, born with the purpose of recycling the maximum of materials, generating the widest possible use of products, without losing sight of the fact that we live on a limited and increasingly smaller planet. We want to continue, helping to make a world with a better future, and as sustainable as possible. Our process saves energy and prevents pollution, reducing the final volume of waste.
Currency converter
αλουμίνια τιμέσ
1.25 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Aluminio perfil
1.25 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Cable aluminio
1 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Aluminio cacharros
0.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Cable aluminio pvc
0.4 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Aluminio com esponja
0.4 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Cable aluminio cobre
Ανακύκλωση Σκράπ Ηλεκτρονικών
0.45 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Taras de aire acondicionado
Taras de aire acondicionado
ανοξειδωτο ατσαλι τιμη
0.9 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Acero inoxidable
μολυβδοσ τιμη
ορείχαλκοσ τιμη
3.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Laton comercial
σκραπ τιμεσ
0.25 €/κιλό no changes
Price change hierro
τιμη χαλκου
6.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Cobre berry
6 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Cobre tubo y 2ª
4.7 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Calderin cobre
2.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Radiador aluminio cobre
0.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Motores electricos

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.